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LMS Wins UIL Academic Meet

Grade Level Results:
Sixth Grade - 1st Place
Seventh Grade - 1st Place
Eighth Grade - 2nd Place
Congratulations to the following students on their individual honors!
6th grade 7th grade 8th grade
Ready Writing Calculator Ready Writing
Samantha Johnson - 1st Clifton George - 1st Isabella Bradford - 6th
Calculator Gretchen Marek - 6th Calculator
Parker Roberson - 1st Spelling MacKenzie Watson - 1st
Landon Harris - 4th Landon Holze - 1st Savana Love - 6th
Austin Manly - 5th Natalie Erler - 2nd Spelling
Spelling MG&C Ellie Swain - 2nd
Tristan Nichols - 2nd Macey Posey - 3rd MG&C
MG&C Amara Burghard - 6th Kassidy Robinson - 2nd
Joseph Ihry - 1st M. Oratory Lauren Gill - 4 tie
Dale Hudspeth - 4th Dylan LaBounty - 2nd Imp. Speaking
Oral Reading Poetry Isaac Winget - 6th Emma Bailey - 1st
Kaitlyn Helona - 4th Art Averie Zant - 2nd
Number Sense Bryn Teague - 1st Art
Mason Walker - 1st Katie Mann - 2nd Tie Abigail Martinez - 1st Tie
Parker Roberson - 2nd Number Sense Marissa Zechmann - 3rd
Alt. Riley Robertson - 3rd Kate Roberson - 1st Emery Nuner - 6th
Imp. Speaking Clifton George - 2nd Number Sense
Mclaren Williamson - 1st Wil Ferderer - 3rd Caden Meinzer - 2nd
Art Editorial Writing Lucas Ragsdale - 3rd
Danika Windelboe - 5th Natalie Erler - 1st Grayson Collins - 4th
Math Emily Flores - 4th Modern Oratory
Riley Robertson - 1st Tie Laura Lail - 5th Ally McCollum - 1st
Mason Walker - 1st Tie Math Lauren Gill - 2nd
Alt. Anthony Pruemer - 3rd Natalie Erler - 1st Emma Bailey - 3rd
Social Studies Dylan LaBounty - 3rd Math
Sofia Taverner - 3rd Jomany Villareal - 4th Hannah Delony - 2nd
Amy Keeland - 6th Imp. Speaking Bailey Soukup - 6th TIe
M. Oratory Laura Lail - 4th Oral Reading Prose
Greg Jewell - 1st Listening Averie Zant - 2nd
Listening Gretchen Marek - 3rd Cameron Elston - 5th
Mclaren Williamson - 2nd Aariyah Martinez - 6th Listening
Dictionary Chess Grayson Kramer - 3rd Tie
Dani Wendelboe - 1st Jacob Eaton - 4th Chess
Kaitlyn Helona - 2nd James Webb - 6th Braily Strahan - 5th
  Science Science
  Hailey Cook - 1st Caleb Robertson - 6th
  Amara Burghard - 5th Dictionary
  Dictionary Jacey Dewbre - 2nd
  Daradyn Guthrie - 2nd Allison Haberman - 4th
  Aariyah Martinez - 3rd Ellie Swain - 6th
  Natalie Erler - 4th